Expressing Gratitude | English Conversation Dialogues

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Useful Phrases
I should like to express my gratitude/ appreciation for …
I’m really grateful to you for …
I’m really obligated to you for …
Thank you very much.
Thanks a lot
Responding to Thanks
Delighted I was able to help.
Don’t mention it.
Glad to be of some help.
It was a pleasure.
It was nothing.
My pleasure.
No problem.
Not at all.
That’s alright.
You’re (most) welcome.

Examples of English Conversations:

At the Booking Counter

Robert: Two tickets to Las Vegas, Please.
Osman: Business class or executive class?
Robert: Executive class. How much is the fare?
Osman: 60 dollars, sir.
Robert: (Giving the money = 100 dollars)
Osman: Here are your tickets.
Robert: Thank you. What time does the train leave?
Osman: At 11.20 am.
Robert: Thank you. (Moves away)
Osman: Excuse me. Just a moment, please.
Robert: Yes, what is it?
Osman: Here’s the change. You didn’t take it.
Robert: Oh, I forgot. You’re so kind. Thank you so much.
Osman: Not at all.

Between Neighbors

Anita: Good morning. May I come in?
Cindy: Please come in.
Anita: I am Anita, your next door neighbor. I’m an officer in BCA Bank.
Cindy: Very glad to meet you. I’m Cindy. Please sit down.
Anita: Last night mu husband told me that new tenants have moved in here. So I
 thought I would look you up in the morning.
Cindy: So kind of you. I’m not a tenant though. I bought this house.
Anita: Really? That’s wonderful. I’m so glad we are getting good neighbors. Is there
 anything I can do for you?
Cindy: Yes. Could you tell me where I can buy fresh milk in the morning?
Anita: Please don’t worry about that. I’ll send my milkman here. Is there anything else?
Cindy: Not immediately. Thank you so much for the help.
Anita: It’s my pleasure. Please do not hesitate to tell is if you need anything.
Cindy: Sure. You’re very nice.
Anita: Not at all. See you later.
Cindy: See you.

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