Master’s Degree in Education

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Many students have much consider of their education levels, every student has the same dream. They want to study and learn as higher as they can until the top, so they can reach their career and catch their dreams.

Pursuing a post-graduate degree is a smart move if you are inspiring to go up the career ladder and occupy a top post in your company. In the face of stiff competition, you need more just brains, hard work and loyalty to reach the peak. Nowadays, many companies look for individuals who possess the ability to communicate, motivate, persuade, resolve conflicts and handle challenges around corporate world. Getting a master’s degree helps you learn and develop more of the skills.

Why Get a Master’s Degree?

Getting a master’s degree will help you to boost self-confidence, gain and edge over the competition, expand web of contacts, broaden perspective about work and the world, and improve working relationship with bosses, coworkers and clients. If you plan to get it, there are several things you should consider.
  • Select relevant program or major which is offered by the Universities.
  • You should have a clear idea of what program to enroll in and know your purpose for obtaining it.
  • Are you in it to broaden your knowledge, meet new friends, gain prestige, or simply ear units needed for a promotion?
Obtaining a master’s degree isn’t for everyone.  But if you’re one of the many individuals who find that they can and want to go further in education, then a master’s degree program might just be the right fit.

How Long Does a Master’s Degree Take?

Maybe this question is around your thought, you may consider about how many years you should spend to get a master’s degree. The answer is depend upon what kind of program you choose. Generally, you can finish it in under two years, maybe even closer to one year if you work and study really hard.

A Master's degrees varying in degree requirements from 30 to 60 semester hours. Most MA programs are about 36 hours. The professional programs like MBA, MPA, MHA tend toward 45 (though some are lower). The counseling degrees tend to be upward of 60 hours.

A typical class is 3 semester hours. Most grad students take between 6-9 semester hours per semester. Full-time is 9 hours.

Most people take 1.5 to 2 years to complete a master's degree.

If you are serious about it, getting a master’s degree means the end of those carefree days and start of serious classroom duties. Your professors will take your times with a bunch of case for reading and analysis. You have to read voluminous references and sometimes stay awake up for little hours in the morning to solve assignments.

Out of town trips will require you to be away from work days. Then there will be sleepless nights reviewing for those exams you have.

All these mean that you will have little or no time at all with friends and office mates. There will be times when you have to sacrifice even your weekends normally spent with your family but you just have few times.

From here, you should prepare to learn to manage your time. Once classes start, draw up daily schedule of activities and religiously follow it. Set a specific hour or day of the week for reading, writing papers, solving cases and assignments. Strictly adhere to this timetable no matter what. Make exemptions only in extremely necessary cases.

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