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Friday, March 15, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues below:

Introduction (Introducing Yourself)

Hello, My name is Robert Johnson
Please call me Robert.
I am from Toronto, Canada.

Hello, I am Mrs. Shizuka.
I’m from Tokyo, Japan.

Hi! My name is Don Corleone Omar.
I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Please call me Omar.

Introducing Other People

If we want to introduce one of our friends to our colleague or friends. We may used these sentences. Please practice the dialogues below as the example.

Frank: Shelly, have you met my colleague Robert?
Shelly: Pleased to meet you, Robert.
Robert: Nice to meet you too, Rina. (or "Hello, Rina.)

Introducing Clients

Henry: Mr. Anton, I'd like to introduce you to my manager, Mr. Tony.
Mr. Anton: Pleased to meet you Mr. Tony.
Mr. Tony: Good to meet you, too.

Asking Name, Address, and Phone Number

Hanz: Excuse me, what is your name?
Mary: Mary Landlady.
Hanz: And what is your address?
Mary: 111 Avenue Street, Gold Tower Apartment, California.
Hanz: And what is your phone number?
Mary: It is 555-6362.
Hanz: Thank you very much.
Mary: You’re welcome.

When we want to ask about address we may use this sentences:
A: Excuse me, where do you live?
B: I live on California, or
A: I live at 111 Avenue Street, Gold Tower Apartment, California. (for more details)

For asking the name of the someone, we may be used the sentences below:
Sorry, What is your first name?
Excuse me. How do you say your name again?
What is your last name, please?

NOTES: We use “Hello” for formal greetings and “Hi” for the informal one.

Meeting Someone

Conversation 1

Shelly: Hi! My name is Shelly. I am from New York. What is your  name?
Brian: I’m Brian Orland.
Shelly: And where are you from, Brian?
Brian: I am from Texas.
Shelly: Oh, really? Nice to meet you.
Brian: Nice to meet you, too.
Shelly: By the way, what do you do?
Brian: I am a sales manager. And how about you?
Shelly: I am a dancer instructor.
Brian: Hey, Shelly, can I join your class?

Conversation 2

Giovanni: Hello.
Vera: Hi.
Giovanni: Excuse me, are you from Italy?
Vera: No, I’m from Spain.
Giovanni: Oh? What city are you from?
Vera: I’m from Madrid.
Giovanni: Oh really? By the way, my name’s Giovanni.
Vera: Hi, I’m Vera.
Giovanni: Are you on vacation here?
Vera: No. I’m not. I’m studying English.

After learning English Conversations above, now please leave your comments to introduce yourself by telling your name, where you are from, your age, and any information you would like to tell about. 


Hello, my name is Abdullah Rifqi. My friends usually call me Rifqi. I am from Indonesia, I am 26 years old and I’m single. I live in Banyuwangi city with my mother and my sister. I work for STIKES as the English Lecturer. My Hobbies are: playing the games, travelling, listening music, swimming, playing football, and writing articles. Thank you.


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