Starting Conversation With a Stranger | English Conversation Dialogues

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Useful Phrases
Are those your kids? They’re so cute
Are you here with your family?
Are you on vacation?
Excuse me?
How is your day going so far?
The weather is so nice today. Are you from around here?
There are a lot of people out here today. Is this normal?

Examples of English Conversations:

At School

Bob: So how have you been?
Ron: I’ve been great. What about you?
Bob: I’ve been good too. I’m in school right now.
Ron: What school do you go to?
Bob: I go to ELC University.
Ron: Do you like study there?
Bob: It’s really a big campus.
Ron: Good luck with school.
Bob: Thank you very much.

On The Road

Michael: Excuse me, could you tell me where the bus station is?
John: Sorry, I’m stranger here.
Michael: That’s alright. (To another person) Just a moment please. I want to go to the
  bus station.
Antony: There are two bus stations here, one for the city buses and another for the long
 distance buses. Where do you want to go?
Michael: The one for the long distances buses.
Antony: I’m afraid it is about twenty kilometers from here. From that bus stop over
 there you can take bus No. 4. It will take you to the bus station.
Michael: Thank you very much.
Antony: You’re welcome.

In a Bus

Karina: Excuse me for asking, but are you related to Maria?
Laila: I’m her cousin. Do you know Maria?
Karina: Very well. We were class mates. I think we met once at Maria’s house.
Laila: Did we? Hmmm… you’re the girl who used to play the piano?
Karina: Exactly. My name is Karina.
Laila: I’m Laila. What are you doing now, Karina?
Karina: I’m working for Ford Company. How about you?
Laila: I have my own business.

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