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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Useful Phrases
Can/ could you open the window, please?
Do you think you could open the window, please?
I’m sorry to trouble you, but…
I hope you don’t mind my asking, but…
I wonder whether you could open the window.
I’d be (very) grateful if you could open the window.
Please do me a favor by opening the window.
Would it be possible…
Would you be so kind as to open the window?
Would you mind opening the window, please?

Examples of English Conversations:

At The Post Office

Fabien: Excuse me. Could you give me your pen for a moment please?
Brad: I’m really sorry. It doesn’t write well.
Fabien: That’s alright.
Brad: (to another person) Would you mind lending me your pen, please?
Fabien: Certainly not. Here you are.
Brad: Thank you

Talking to a Friend on the Telephone

Andy: Good morning. May I speak to Mr. Edward, please?
Omar: May I know who is calling, please?
Andy: Andy Moora from NZT Corp, Ltd.
Omar: Please hold on for a moment, Sir. I’ll see if Mr. Edward is available… Please speak on, 
           Sir. Mr. Edward is on the line.  
Andy: Hello Edward, How are you?
Edward: Hi, Andy. I’m fine. How are you?
Andy: Fine, thank you. Edward I need your help. Do you think you could lend me some money?
Edward: How much?
Andy: Ten Million rupiahs.
Edward: Oh, certainly. Let me know your bank account number, please. I will transfer it
  as soon as possible.
Andy: Thank you, Edward.
Edward: That’s alright.

Telephone Messages

Here the example of English conversation that talks about telephone messages, we may experience the moment when we have to leave messages because we cannot speak with someone directly on the phone. Now, please read and enjoy the conversation below.

Secretary: Good morning, Parker Industries.
Mr. Kale: Hello. May I speak to Ms. Graham, please?
Secretary: I’m sorry. She’s not in. Would you like to leave a message?
Mr. Kale: Yes, please. This is Mr. Kale.
Secretary: Is that G-A-L-E?
Mr. Kale: No, it’s K-A-L-E.
Secretary: All right.
Mr. Kale: Please tell her the meeting is on Friday at 2:30.
Secretary: Friday at 2:30.
Mr. Kale: And would you ask her to phone me this afternoon? My number is 555-4040.
Secretary: 555-4040. Yes, Mr. Kale. I’ll give Ms. Graham the message.
Mr. Kale: Thank you. Goodbye.
Secretary: Goodbye.

After read the conversation above, please invite your partner to practice in turns. You can use the example below to modify your own conversation by requesting with “tell” and “ask”.

Messages with statements:
The meeting is on Friday
Please tell Ann the meeting is on Friday.
Would you tell her…?
Could you tell her…?

Messages with imperatives:
Phone me this afternoon.
Please ask him to phone me this afternoon.
Would you ask him to…?
Could you tell him to…?

At The Office

Mr. David: Good morning, Ms. Nita.
Ms. Nita: Good morning, Sir.
Mr. David: Ms. Nita, we are planning to hold our next Board meeting sometime during
     the last week if this month. Can you prepare the project report on our  
     proposed proposal?
Ms. Nita: Certainly, Sir. I’ll be really glad to do that.
Mr. David: Thank you. Please get on with the work. You may consult me whenever you
     want to.
Ms. Nita: Thank you, Sir. If you don’t mind, may I know the date of the meeting?
Mr. David: Most probably it will be the 25th.
Ms. Nita: OK, Sir.

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