Asking If Someone is Able to Do Something | English Conversation Dialogues

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Asking if someone is able to do something
Can you…?
Could you…?
Do you feel capable of…?
Do you know how to?
Is he any good at…?
Would you say you were capable of…?

Saying you are able to do something
I feel able to…
I know something about…
I’m pretty good at…
It’s not too difficult to…
Sure/ Yes. No problem.
Yes, I can/ could.
Yes, I know how to…

Saying you are not able to do something
I don’t think I can do it.
I don’t think I will be able to make it.
I have no idea how to…
No, I don’t know how to…

Examples of English Conversations:

Gadget Repairing

Shanty: I don’t know what happened to my TV set. Last night, when we were watching
 the movie, the picture suddenly went off.
Ronny: It’s possible that the fuse has burn out.
Shanty: Well. I don’t know anything about TV sets. Here comes Dave. Let’s ask him. He’s
 an electrical engineer. Hello Dave, how are you?
Dave: Oh, fine. Thank you. Why are you both looking at the TV set?
Shanty: The picture suddenly went off while we were watching the movies last night. Do
 you think you can set it right?
Dave: Sorry, I don’t know much about TV sets and their components. I think you better
 call in the service engineer.
Shanty: Strangely my mobile phone too went off yesterday. I don’t know what’s wrong.
 Do you know how to repair mobile phones?
Dave: Well, I might be able to. I know something about mobile phone repairing.

On The Telephone

Vina: Hello, is that the KIA Motor Service?
Romy: Yes. What can I do for you, Mom?
Vina: Well, my car has some starting trouble. Could you send your mechanic? I am in
  Green Avenue Street 18, California.
Romy: I’m sorry, our mechanic just left to attend to another complaint. I’m afraid he’ll
 be back only after an hour. I can send one of our trainees if the problem isn’t
 anything very serious.
Vina: Do you think he is good at repairing cars?
Romy: I think he’ll be able to help you if it isn’t anything serious. Anyway let him have a
 look at it first. He can as for more help if necessary.
Vina: That’s fine. Thanks.

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