Asking About Remembering | English Conversation Dialogues

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Asking whether someone remembers
Saying you remember
Saying you do not remember
Do you by any chance remember…?
As far as I can remember…
I don’t remember…
Do you remember…?
I remember quite clearly…
I must admit that I don’t remember.
I was wondering if you remember…
I will never forget…
I’m afraid I have completely forgotten…
If I’m not mistaken, …
I’m afraid, I have forgotten…
You remember…, don’t you?
Of course, I remember…
It’s slipped my mind.
Yes, I remember…


Examples of English Conversations:

Between Friends

Bob: (Carrying big bags)
Rita: Hello, Bob. Where are you off to?
Bob: I am going to go to Bali for a week.
Rita: Bali! But yesterday you didn’t say anything about going to Bali.
Bob: The trip was decided only last night. Remember the time we were together in Bali?
Rita: Of course, I remember. How can I forget the nice evenings we spent on Kuta
Bob: It was really an enjoyable trip. You haven’t forgotten that small adventure we had
 near the forest, have you?
Rita: I will never forget that.
Bob: Now I must be going.
Rita: OK. Have a nice time.
Bob: Thank you. Bye.
Rita: Bye.

At the Doctor’s

Patient: Good evening, doctor.
Doctor: Good evening. Please come in.
Patient: I wonder whether you remember me. I came here a couple weeks ago.
Doctor: I’m afraid I don’t remember exactly.
Patient: I was sent by your brother, Mr. Bryan.
Doctor: Oh, Yes. You had cataract in one eye. And I had asked you to use some eye-
drops and come back after a fortnight, right?
Patient: Yes, doctor. So now you remember everything. Thank you.
Doctor: OK. Have you been using that eye-drop?
Patient: Yes, doctor. Regularly for the past fifteen days.
Doctor: Good. Now let me examine your eyes.
Patient: Yes, please.

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