Offering Help | English Conversation Dialogues

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Offering help
Accepting an offer help
Declining an offer of help
Can I help you?
If it’s no trouble for you.
I’m very grateful to you for your offer, but…
Could I help you?
If you don’t mind.
No, don’t worry (about)…
Do you think I/ we can help you?
Oh, yes. Please.
No, I can manage. Thank you.
How about…?
No, please don’t bother.
I’ll do it for you.

Thank you very much for your offer, but…
If there is anything I/ we can do, please do let me/ us know.

Is there anything I can do?

May I help you?

What can I do for you?


Examples of English Conversations:

At the Receptionist

Frank: Good morning, Madam. Can I help you?
Cynthia: Good morning. Can I see the manager?
Frank: I’m sorry, he’s in a conference at the moment.
Cynthia: Oh, well, never mind.
Frank: Would you like me to make an appointment for you tomorrow?
Cynthia: Oh, yes please. For 11 am.
Frank: Just a minute… I’m sorry he has another meeting at 11 am. Will 2 pm in the
  afternoon be all right you?
Cynthia: No, thank you. I’ll meet him at his residence tonight. It’s something urgent.
Frank: Would you like me to tell him anything?
Cynthia: Thanks. You could tell him that Mrs. Cynthia was here.
Frank: I will tell him.
Cynthia: Thank you.

At the Travel Agency

Tina: Good afternoon, Sir. What can I do for you?
Bob: Could you give me some details about your package tours?
Tina: Certainly. Would you like to see our brochures? Here they are. (hands him the
Bob: Thank you. (after going through the brochures) Well, this 10-day Bali tour seems to
  be an interesting one.
Tina: We could book your tickets if you like.
Bob: Oh yes. But not for me alone. I want three tickets to be booked.
Tina: Sure, we can do it. Please fill in these forms.
Bob: Thank you.
Tina: Would you like us to send the tickets to you by post or would you like to
  collect them personally?
Bob: Can I take them on next Wednesday?
Tina: Sure, we’ll keep them ready for you.
Bob: Thank you.
Tina: It’s our pleasure, Sir.

Between Passengers in a Train

Anton: It’s very cold tonight.
Ryan: Yes. May I shut the window?
Anton: Oh yes, please.
Ryan: Why don’t you wear a sweater?
Anton: Oh, I forgot to bring mine. I didn’t really expect it to be so cold.
Ryan: I can give you one if you don’t mind. I have one more in my suitcase.
Anton: That’s very kind of you.
Ryan: How about a cup of hot tea?
Anton: No, thank you.

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