Asking If You Are Required To Do Something | English Conversation Dialogues

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Asking if you are obligated to do something
Saying someone is required to do something
Saying someone is not obligated to do something
Am I required to…?
I think you have to…
I don’t think you’ll have to…
Are we obligated to…?
I’m afraid you’ll have to…
No one can force you to…
Are we under any obligation to…?
They’ll make you…
There’s no need to…
Do I (really) have/ need to…?
You’ll be required to…
You don’t have to…
Have I got to…?
You’re expected…
You’re under no obligation to…
Is it necessary to…?
You’re supposed to…
Must I…?


Examples of English Conversations:

At the Office

Amanda: Sir, the manager expects you to send your application through the Assistant
Norman: Do I really have to? We both are of the same rank. I don’t think anybody can
   force me to route my application through the Assistant Manager.
Amanda: They’ll make you do it, Sir. Our Previous Accounts Officer used to do so.

At the Bank

Bank Clerk: I’m afraid we can’t accept this cheque. There are too many changes and
       corrections. Could you write out another cheque, please?
Customer: Do I really need to? I have initialed all the corrections.
Bank Clerk: It’s true, but it appears rather shabby. I’m afraid you’ll have to write out
      another cheque.
Customer: Well, if you insist.

At the Railway Station

Police Officer: Would you mind opening these boxes?
Traveler: Well, they contain apples and mangoes. Is it necessary to open them?
Police Officer: Do you have the cash receipts for having bought these?
Traveler: Is one expected to carry the cash receipts of things bought here?
Police Officer: You’re under no obligation to do so. But I am afraid you’ll have to open
 these boxes. We’re acting under orders.

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