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Monday, May 27, 2013

Now we are going to learn and practice about asking if someone is sure or not. There are several useful phrases that can be used to express or ask someone’s sureness. This topic may happen in daily conversation when we are talking about something.

There are three useful phrases which may occur. First, phrases that can be used to ask if someone is sure about something. Second, phrases that are used to express if we are sure. And the last, we also can express if we are not sure about something. Please learn and practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below.

Asking if someone is sure about something
Saying you are sure
Saying you are not sure
Are you (quite) sure (about) …?
I don’t think there can be any doubt about …
I can’t decide.
Are you certain (about) …?
I’m a hundred percent certain.
I can’t say for certain.
Are you sure?
I’m sure/ certain.
I’m in two minds (about) …
Is there any doubt about …?
I’ve no doubt (about) …
Sorry, I’m not sure …
Perhaps I misunderstand. But, are you sure …?
There can’t be any doubt …
There’s still an element of doubt.
There is no doubt in my mind …
There’s surely some doubt about …

Examples of English Conversations:

During a Police Inquiry

Police: Who do you think have stolen the ornaments?
Mr. Ali: I just don’t find any clue to this mystery.
Police: How about your maid servant?
Mr. Ali: I don’t think she had ever done that.
Police: Are you quite sure about it?
Mr. Ali: Whenever she was in need of money she used to ask us. Moreover, she has no
            children or any relatives. I don’t see any possibility of her doing it. I have no
            doubt about it.
Police: What about your gardener?
Mr. Ali: Oh, you can be sure about his honesty. He has been with me for the past twenty
            years. He’s more than a member of the family and I’m quite certain that he had
            never attempted anything of this kind.

Between Friends

Bent: Did you hear this? We’re in another hike in petrol prices.
Jack: Really?
Bent: This is not a confirmed report, of course. But, you know, it always begins with an unconfirmed report and comes up the Government announcement in two days.
Jack: Do you mean that a hike is certain?
Bent: I can’t say for certain, but it looks quite likely.

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