Complaining | English Conversation Dialogues

Monday, May 20, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Excuse me, but there’s a problem with ...
I really must object to ...
I think you’ve given me the wrong change.
I wish to complain in the strongest terms about ...
I’m not at all satisfied with ...
I’m not quite sure how to put this, but ...
I’m sorry to bring this up, but ...
I’m sorry to say this, but ...
I’ve got a bit of a problem here, you see ...
I’m afraid I have to make a complaint.
Sorry to bother you, but I think there’s something wrong with …
Sorry, I think this change is wrong. I gave you $20, not $10.
Would you please not …?

After complaining, you may ask an apology or ask the specifics and then take action about the complaint. Please learn useful phrases below:

Ask for Specifics
Take Action
I apologize …
Please tell me exactly what the problem is.
I don’t know what happened, but I will get back with you later today.
I apologize for the inconvenience …
Please tell me exactly what happened.
I will send someone to take care of it.
I apologize for the problem …

Let me check with the shippers and see what happened.
I’m sorry …

I’m sorry to hear that …

Examples of English Conversations:

At the Hotel or Restaurant

Customer: Excuse me, I’m sorry to bring this up, but no one seems to attend to table No.
Manager: I’m sorry. I’ll send someone at once. Please be seated.
Customer: Thank you

At the Office

Mr. Brown: I’m sorry to have to say this, but you seem to make too many spelling
                  mistakes in all the letters.
Anita: I’m really sorry, Sir. I shall be more careful.
Mr. Brown: You ought to be.

The Missing Parts

Diana: Hello, Mr. Jimmy. May I help you?
Mr. Jimmy: Yes, I ordered spare parts for my generator, but you sent the wrong parts.
Diana: Oh no! Can you tell me exactly what parts you ordered and what you got?
Mr. Jimmy: Yes, I ordered two of part number X808Z, but I got two D777X instead! They
                 won’t fit my generator.
Diana: I’m very sorry, let me check and see if we have the correct parts here right now
           and if we do, I can have someone deliver them this afternoon. Would that be
Mr. Jimmy: Yes, please. The sooner I have the parts the better.


Diana: Hello Mr. Jimmy, did you get the correct parts I sent over? Are they exactly what
           you needed?
Mr. Jimmy: Yes, they just arrived. Thank you.
Diana: My pleasure Mr. Jimmy, again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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