Expressing Sympathy | English Conversation Dialogues

Monday, May 20, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

How sad! Poor you.
I do sympathize with you.
I know how you feel.
I’m awfully/ dreadfully sorry.
I’m so sorry to hear that...
I’m sorry.
It’s terrible.
O dear! I am sorry. I’m awfully sorry.
Please accept my/ our condolences.
What a pity! That’s awful.

Examples of English Conversations:

Between Friends

Conversation 1

Bryan: Hello, Tina. How are you? You look depressed. Has anything gone wrong?
Tina: Yes, Bryan, I have a terrible misfortune.
Bryan: What happened?
Tina: I had deposited all money I had in a private banking company. Now the bank has
         been liquidated.
Bryan: How terrible! Isn’t there any way you can get your money back?
Tina: I’m trying. But I’m not very hopeful.
Bryan: you must be terribly upset. But please don’t lose hope.

Conversation 2

Susan: Why do you look upset?
Bobby: You know, I have lost my wallet somewhere this morning.
Susan: Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that. How much money did you have in it?
Bobby: I had $500 in it.
Susan: which places did you visit from the morning?
Bobby: I went to the restaurant for breakfast and then …
Susan: Why don’t you speak to the person in the cash counter?
Bobby: Yes, let me try.
Susan: I hope you will get it back.

At the School

Conversation 1

Mr. Anton: Good morning, teacher.
Mr. Grant: Good morning, Mr. Anton. Anita has been absent for the last two days. Is she
Mr. Anton: She had an accident.
Mr. Grant: Oh, no! I hope it’s nothing serious.
Mr. Anton: It is bad. She was hit by a scooter while crossing the road. Her right leg is
Mr. Grant: How unfortunate! Is she in a hospital?
Mr. Anton: No, she’s at home. But she has to remain in bed for a month. So I came to
                 give her leave application.
Mr. Grant: you must be really upset about it. Please don’t worry about the classes. Anita
                 is a very bright girl. She can easily make up for the classes she misses. She’ll
                 be all right very soon. Please give her my love.
Mr. Anton: I’ll do that. Thank you, teacher.

Conversation 2

Student: May I know why you look sad, sir?
Teacher: I’m really upset, you know, my uncle passed away two days ago.
Student: I’m very sorry to hear that, Sir.
Teacher: In fact, it was he who brought me up. He was my godfather too.
Student: How sad, Sir!
Teacher: We’ll miss him a lot.
Student: Time is the best healer, Sir.
Teacher: Thank you for the comforting words.
Student: It was the least I could do.

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