Intermediate English Conversation

Monday, May 20, 2013

Here several English articles as the examples of English Conversations which contain intermediate dialogues that may be used in daily conversation. Please choose the topics you would like to read and practice.
  1. About a Country
  2. Expressing Gratitude
  3. Offering Help
  4. Asking Permission
  5. Making Request
  6. Ordering a Meal
  7. Reservation
  8. Problems and Advice  
  9. Inviting Someone to Do Something
  10. Asking If Someone is Able to Do Something
  11. Asking If You Are Required to Do Something
  12. Asking About Remembering
  13. Asking About Preference
  14. Complimenting/ Congratulating
  15. Making Comparisons
  16. Apologizing
  17. Making Suggestions 
  18. Warning Someone 
  19. Asking For Information 
  20. Asking If Someone is Sure
  21. Asking Someone to Say Something Again 
Please invite your partners and invite him to practice the dialogues based on the topics above for learning English conversation. You don’t have to memorize all the existing dialogues, they are all just the examples, you can make up your own information and details for practicing English conversation, but with the same topic.

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