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Friday, May 17, 2013

Please invite your friend for having practice English conversation in talking about the problems and the other should give the advice. Well, now please read and enjoy the example below, and then you can practice with your partners in turn.

Examples of English Conversations:

In a Drugstore

Pharmacist: How are you, Mrs. Webb?
Mrs. Webb: Well, I’m fine. But I’d like something for my husband. He doesn’t have any
                   energy these days.
Pharmacist: Oh, that’s too bad.
Mrs. Webb: Can I have some multivitamins with vitamin E?
Pharmacist: All right, do you want a large or small bottle?
Mrs. Webb: Could I have two large ones, please?
Pharmacist: Of course, Mrs. Webb. Here you are.

After you read example above, now please practice and try to find the other objects or problems that may be used for the material such as: an insect bite, indigestion, hiccups, a sore throat, the flu, a hangover, etc.

In English conversation, you can make a role play with your partner to expand your ideas and speaking ability, please read the example below.

ROLE PLAY: In a drugstore

Student A:
You are a customer in a drugstore, and you need:
-          something for a sunburn
-          some vitamin C tablets.
-          a tube of toothpaste
Student B:
You are a clerk in a drugstore. A customer needs some things. You can give the information about how much he needs and their prices.

After your first practice, now change roles and try the role play again. Make up your own information.

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