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Friday, May 17, 2013

Sometimes we need to reserve place or something. We can do that by speaking on phone or directly talk to the staff. Now, please read English conversation below which talk about the reservation. This is only the example that may be used as the material if sometimes you need to reserve something.

Examples of English Conversations:

On the Telephone

Host: Hard Rock Cafe. May I help you?
Carl: Yes. Can I make a reservation for Saturday the 16th, for two, please?
Host: Certainly. What time?
Carl: Six o’clock.
Host: All right. And could I have your name and phone number?
Carl: Sure. My name is Carl Moro and the number is 505-3321.
Host: OK, Mr. Moro, that’s a table for two at 6 on Saturday, the 16th.
Carl: Thank you. Goodbye.
Host: Goodbye.

After read the example above, now please choose your own ideas and invite your partners for practicing English conversation that talk about reservation or you can make a role play again. Here we give you the sample of the role play that may be used.

ROLE PLAY: Calling a restaurant

Student A:
You want to eat out tonight. Call a restaurant and make a reservation. Make up your own information.
Student B:
You are the host or hostess in a restaurant. Answer the phone and write down the caller’s reservation.

Now change roles and try the role play again.

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