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Friday, May 17, 2013

We usually order a meal when we are in somewhere or in the restaurant where we can buy something to eat. Here the example of English conversation that talks about ordering a meal. Please read and enjoy.

Examples of English Conversations:

In a Restaurant

Waiter: May I take your order, please?
Customer: Yes. I would like a hamburger and a large order of French fries, please.
Waiter: All right. And would you like a salad?
Customer: Ok. What kind of dressing would you like? We have Thousand Island, Italian,
                  and French.
Waiter: Italian.
Customer: And would you like anything to drink?
Waiter: I’d like a large Coke, please.
Customer: Thank you.

From the example above, as the waiter we have to be polite for servicing our customers. We may use modal auxiliaries "would" and "will" to offer something.


 What would you like to eat?
-          I would like a hamburger.
-          I’d like a hot dog

What kind of dressing would you like?
I’d like French, please.

Would you like anything else?
Yes, please. I’d like some water.

 What will you have to drink?
-          I will have a Coke.
-          I’ll have coffee.

What kind of ice cream will you have?
I’ll have Vanilla, please.

Will you have anything else?
No, thank you.

After you read several examples above, now please practice with your friends by using some sentences which I have given as the samples like in the boxes above. Or you can make a role play, here the role play that may be used for you and your partner to make a conversation.

ROLE PLAY: In a coffee shop

Student A:
This is what you want to order for lunch:
-          a hot dog.
-          a small order of french fries.
-          a large salad
-          Thousand Island dressing coffee.
Student B:
You are the waiter/ waitress. Take your customer’s order.

After you practice the conversations based on the role play above, now please switch roles and try the role play again. May these English conversation samples could be useful.

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