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Friday, May 17, 2013

Now, we are going to make comparisons, it may be occurred in English conversation when we want to compare the two things or more. Before you practice, please read and enjoy the conversation below.

Examples of English Conversations:

Between Friends

Alan: Oh God, Los Angeles is terrible place to live! I’m glad I live in New York.
Sue: Come on! L.A is much nicer than New York! It’s warmer, it’s cheaper, and it’s
Alan: Cleaner? Are you kidding? Anyway, I love New york. It’s much more exciting than
         L.A. And the people are friendlier, too.
Sue: Well, you can have New york!
Alan: And you can have L.A!

After read conversation above, please invite your partner to have a conversation in making comparisons, try to use different sentences or questions. For example, you can make comparisons with adjectives like the conversations below.

Student A:
 Is New York bigger than Miami?
Student B:
-          Yes, New York is bigger.
-          No, Miami is bigger.

Student A:
Is New York more expensive than Miami?
Student B:
-          Yes, New York is more expensive.
-          No, Miami is more expensive.

Student A:
Which is warmer, Miami or New York?
Student B:
Miami is warmer

Student A:
Which is more crowded, Now York or Miami?
Student B:
New York is more crowded.

For further information about making comparisons, please also read article entitle The Degrees of Comparison.

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