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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Several question sentences that can we use when we are going to have english conversation in talking about TV and Radio programs are in the list below. Please practice with your friends in turn by using these question sentences and then answer your partner’s questions.

Examples of English Conversations:

Between Friends

Frank: Are there any good movies on?
Lydia: Yes, there’s an interesting movie at ... (movie theater).
Frank: What’s the name of the movie?
Lydia: Snow White and the Huntsman.
Frank: What kind of movie is it?
Lydia: It is drama.
Frank: Who’s in it?
Lydia: ..... (name of the actor).
Frank: What times is it showing?
Lydia: It is started on 8 pm, would you like to see it?
Frank: Yes, of course.

Here some question sentences that can be used when we are going to ask about the programs. Please practice and take turns asking these questions.


Do you watch TV a lot?
How often do you watch TV?
When do you usually watch it?
What kinds of of programs do you usually watch?
What’s your favourite channel?
What’s your favorite program?
When is it on?
Do you ever watch ... (name of program / movie)?


Do you listen to the radio a lot?
How much time do you listen to it everyday?
When do you listen to it?
What kinds of programs do you listen to?
Do you ever listen to programs in English?
What is your favorite radio station?
What is your favorite radio program?
Do you ever listen to the radio in bed?
What kind of music do you listen to?
Who are your favorite singers and groups?

Please practice English conversation above to improve your speaking ability by taking turns with your partners and answer the questions as well.

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