Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Asking About Possibility | English Conversation Dialogues

Now, we are going to learn start conversation if we want to ask about possibility and impossibility. Please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Asking About Possibility
Could/ Can I…
Do you think it is possible/ probable/ likely/ unlikely…
Is it going to…?
Is it possible…?

Expressing Possibility
I think it’s going to…
It’s likely that…
It’s quite possible/ probable/ likely…
There is a possibility that…

Expressing Impossibility
I don’t think…
I don’t think/ suppose…
I think we can rule out the possibility of…
I’m afraid there’s very little likelihood of…
It’s quite impossible/ improbable/ unlikely…
It’s very doubtful…

Examples of English Conversations:

On The Park

Cecilia: What’s happening? Getting dark so soon?
Markus: No, it’s cloudy.
Cecilia: Oh is it going to rain?
Markus: It is quite likely.
Cecilia: I don’t think so. It’s only partly cloudy. Perhaps it may not rain at all.
Markus: There’s a good chance of at least a drizzle, if not a heavy rain.

At The Hospital

Doctor: I’m afraid there’s been too long delay in bringing him. The patient is in a critical
Nurse: Do you think it is possible to operate upon him?
Doctor: Quite impossible in this condition. In all probability we might be able to do it
next week at the earliest.
Nurse: Isn’t it probable that his condition will improve with all those antibiotics?
Doctor: Well, it is possible.

Between Friends

Bryan: Where is my watch?
Bobby: It ought to be in bedroom.
Bryan: But it isn’t there. I don’t remember where I left it.
Bobby: Could you have left it in your office?
Bryan: Impossible. I remember I had it on my own wrist while I was driving home.
Bobby: Did you remove it while playing tennis?
Bryan: Oh yes, I remember to have given it to one of the boys in the club.
Bobby: Do you think you are going to get it back?
Bryan: I bet, I will.
Bobby: Good luck to you.

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