Asking About Possibility | English Conversation Dialogues

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Now, we are going to learn start conversation if we want to ask about possibility and impossibility. Please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Asking About Possibility
Could/ Can I…
Do you think it is possible/ probable/ likely/ unlikely…
Is it going to…?
Is it possible…?

Expressing Possibility
I think it’s going to…
It’s likely that…
It’s quite possible/ probable/ likely…
There is a possibility that…

Expressing Impossibility
I don’t think…
I don’t think/ suppose…
I think we can rule out the possibility of…
I’m afraid there’s very little likelihood of…
It’s quite impossible/ improbable/ unlikely…
It’s very doubtful…

Examples of English Conversations:

On The Park

Cecilia: What’s happening? Getting dark so soon?
Markus: No, it’s cloudy.
Cecilia: Oh is it going to rain?
Markus: It is quite likely.
Cecilia: I don’t think so. It’s only partly cloudy. Perhaps it may not rain at all.
Markus: There’s a good chance of at least a drizzle, if not a heavy rain.

At The Hospital

Doctor: I’m afraid there’s been too long delay in bringing him. The patient is in a critical
Nurse: Do you think it is possible to operate upon him?
Doctor: Quite impossible in this condition. In all probability we might be able to do it
next week at the earliest.
Nurse: Isn’t it probable that his condition will improve with all those antibiotics?
Doctor: Well, it is possible.

Between Friends

Bryan: Where is my watch?
Bobby: It ought to be in bedroom.
Bryan: But it isn’t there. I don’t remember where I left it.
Bobby: Could you have left it in your office?
Bryan: Impossible. I remember I had it on my own wrist while I was driving home.
Bobby: Did you remove it while playing tennis?
Bryan: Oh yes, I remember to have given it to one of the boys in the club.
Bobby: Do you think you are going to get it back?
Bryan: I bet, I will.
Bobby: Good luck to you.

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