Asking If Someone Agrees | English Conversation Dialogues

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Learning English Conversations about asking if someone agrees. Now, please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Asking If Someone Agrees
Is it OK?
Is that all right with you/ OK with you?
Do you agree?
Don’t think/ feel…?
Would you agree that/ with…?
I wonder if you’d agree with…?

I agree entirely.
I agree with you.
I could agree with you more.
I think so.
I think you’re right.
I totally agree.
That’s quite right/ true.
Yes, I agree.
Yes, it’s OK.
You’re right
You’re absolutely right.

Partly Agreeing
I agree with you in principle, but…
I agree with you up to a point, but…
That’s quite true, but…

I’m afraid, I can’t agree with you.
I’m afraid, I disagree.
I’m afraid I don’t agree.
I’m afraid I don’t share your opinion.
I couldn’t agree with you less.
I disagree with you.
I don’t agree at all.
I totally disagree.
Not really.
Oh surely not.
Personally, I tend to agree with…
That’s not true.
You don’t mean it.

Examples of English Conversations:

Teacher and Student

Teacher: Well, we’ve decided to hold a camp at Bogor. Is that OK with you?
Student: That’s lovely.
Teacher: As usual, the camp will be for three days. Those who would like to take part in
   this camp must give me their names by tomorrow morning. OK?
Student: But, Sir. We need time to write to our parents and get permission.
Teacher: In that case, you’ll give me your willingness by the 10th of this month at the
   least. Is that all right with you all?
Student: Quite all right, Sir.

Between Friends

Ryan: So we’ll meet at the Regal Cinema at 5.30, OK?
Ricky: But isn’t it too early? The show begins only at 6.30.
Ryan: That’s right, but we might have to stand in the queue to get tickets. So it’s better
 to meet at 5.30.
Ricky: All right.
Ryan: Okay. Can one of you pick me up from my house?
Ricky: Okay. I shall meet you at your place at 5.20, OK?
Ryan: Fine

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