Checking That You Have Understood | English Conversation Dialogues

Saturday, November 9, 2013

If we want to check that we have already understood about our conversation with the others, we can ask them by using several simple questions. Now, we are going to learn some useful phrases which may be used in conversation especially if we want to check that we have understood, or check that someone has understood you. Now, please learn and practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below.

Checking that you have understood
Are you trying to say that…?
Do you mean…?
Does that mean…?
You mean that…?

Checking that someone has understood you
Do you get what I mean?
Do you understand?
Get it/ got it?
Is that clear?
That’s clear, isn’t it?

Examples of English Conversations:

At the store

Buyer: Can you tell me how to use this camera?
Seller: This is a totally automatic camera.
Buyer: Do you mean that I don’t have to do anything but click it?
Seller: Exactly. All you have to do is to aim and shoot. But, before that, load the camera
  with a cartridge of film. This is where you put the cartridge. Hold the cartridge  
  and insert in this slot. Now the camera is loaded. Do you follow me?
Buyer: Yes.
Seller: Now slide the lid backward and the camera is ready for use. Wind the film till
  No.1 appears in the screen behind the camera. Then aim and shoot. After every
  shot the lens gets locked.
Buyer: That means the same film won’t get exposed twice, right?
Seller: That’s right. Push the release button before you shoot next. If you need a flash
  light just press this and the flash gets released. It’s clear now, isn’t it?
Buyer: I think so.

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