Asking For Information | English Conversation Dialogues

Friday, May 24, 2013

Learning English Conversations and please practice the dialogues by using useful phrases below:

Any clue …?
Any idea …?
Can you help me …?
Can you tell me …, please?
Could you tell me …, please?
Do you know …?
Do you know how to …?
I hope you don’t mind my asking, but …
I wonder if you could tell me …
I’d like to know …

Examples of English Conversations:

At the Office

Officer: Good morning, Mr. Shawn.
Clerk: Good morning, Sir.
Officer: Can you tell me where the purchase records are kept?
Clerk: They are with the Superintendent, Sir.
Officer: Oh, I see. Do you know what action has been taken on the proposal to buy
Clerk: The order getting typed, Sir.

At the Enquiry Counters In a Railway Station

Mr. Edward: Excuse me. Could you tell me what time "Black Hawk Express" arrives?
Officer: The scheduled time is 10.30 AM. But I’m afraid it’s late by one hour today.
Mr. Edward: So the train will arrive at 11.30 AM in the afternoon?
Officer: Yes. But please check around 10 AM.
Mr. Edward: OK, I’ll do that. I also wanted to know the second class fare from here to
                    New Orleans.
Officer: Just a minute, please. Yes, it is 30 dollars, Sir.
Mr. Edward: Thank you.
Officer: You’re welcome.

Between Friends

Luna: Hi, Tina, How are you doing?
Tina: Hi! I’m doing well. How about you?
Luna: I’m fine too.
Tina: What are you doing this evening? How about a movie?
Luna: Which one?
Tina: "The Transformers" is showing at Royal XXI.
Luna: Fine. Let’s go. Any idea what time the movie begins?
Tina: I think it’s at 7 PM. Shall we meet there at six?
Luna: Okay, see you at six.
Tina: See you.

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