Saying Goodbye | English Conversation Dialogues

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Learning English Conversations, saying goodbye is totally simple, please practice the dialogues below:

Useful phrases that can be used for saying good bye:

See you!
See you later!
I have got to go.
I’m in hurry, I have to go.

Examples of English Conversations:

Between Friends

Lily: Goodbye. See you tomorrow.
Martin: See you. Take it easy.

Michel: Bye! See you later!
Frank: Yeah, bye!

Damien: Goodbye.
Shan: Bye-bye. See you on Wednesday.

Jimmy: Goodbye. Have a nice evening.
Catty: Thanks. You, too!

Harry: Sorry, I have an appointment. I have to go now.
Daisy: I’m in hurry, too.
Harry: I hope we can meet again, soon.
Daisy: I hope so. So long

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