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Thursday, May 16, 2013

When we are talking about vacation or weekends, usually we can find several statements like these:

I am going to go to the Bali on my vacation.
I will spend my weekends at home.
I am going to go to the movie on Saturday night.
I went to the movie on Saturday night. (Past time, if the event had already done)

Several statements above are only samples of the sentences that can be used by us to tell the other about our plan. And, here the example that can also be used to ask the question about vacation or weekends which had already happened. Please practice with your partners to ask question by using Simpel Past Tense like these:

Useful phrases that can be used for asking about vacation/ recreation:

Who did you go with?
What time did you go?
Where did you go after that?
What did you do on Sunday?

We can try to practice by using all of that sentences, either asking or answering question. Here the example of the English conversation which talks about vacation. Hopefully it can be useful for you. Now please read and practice.

Examples of English Conversations:

Between Friends

Mike: Hi, Celia! How was your trip to Japan?
Celia: It was wonderful! I really enjoyed it.
Mike: How long were you there?
Celia: I was there for three weeks.
Mike: Great! And did you go to Kyoto?
Celia: Yes, It’s a beautiful city.
Mike: What did you do there?
Celia: Well, I visited some temples. They’re really fantastic! And then, I went to a sumo
          match in Osaka. That was fun!
Mike: And did you like Japanese food?
Celia: Yes I did, but I didn’t like sushi.
Mike: Oh, really? I love it.
Celia: By the way, do you want to see my photos?

English conversations above is using Simple Past Tense because the events are happened in the past.

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