Kata Kerja (Verb) Yang Lazim Diikuti Infinitive

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Berikut adalah beberapa kata kerja (verb) yang lazim diikuti oleh infinitive, disertai dengan contoh kalimat.

1.       Afford: I can’t afford to buy it.
2.       Agree: We agreed to help them.
3.       Appear: He appears to be tired.
4.       Arrange: I’ll arrange to meet you at the airport.
5.       Ask: She asked to come with us.
6.       Beg: I begged to come with him.
7.       Care: I don’t care to see that show.
8.       Claim: He claims to know a famous movie star.
9.       Consent: He finally consented to marry her.
10.   Decide: They have decided to leave on Monday.
11.   Demand: I demand to know who is responsible.
12.   Deserve: He deserves to win the prize.
13.   Expect: He expected to enter graduate school in the fall.
14.   Fail: He failed to return the book to the library on time.
15.   Forget: He forgot to mail the letter.
16.   Hesitate: Don’t hesitate to ask for my help.
17.   Hope: Mike hopes to arrive next week.
18.   Learn: She learned to play the piano.
19.   Manage: He managed to finish her work early.
20.   Mean: She didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
21.   Need: I need to have your opinion.
22.   Offer: They offered to help us.
23.   Plan: She is planning to have a party.
24.   Prepare: We prepared to welcome them.
25.   Pretend: He pretends not to understand.
26.   Promise: You promise not to be late.
27.   Refuse: She refuses to believe his story.
28.   Regret: We regret to tell you that you failed.
29.   Remember: She remembered to lock the door.
30.   Seem: It seems to be friendly.
31.   Struggle: I struggled to stay awake.
32.   Swear: She swore to tell the truth.
33.   Threaten: He threatened to tell my parents.
34.   Volunteer: She volunteered to help Sonia.
35.   Wait: I will wait to hear from you.
36.   Want: He wants to tell you something.
37.   Wish: He wishes to come with us.

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